Qjump`s New Website Makes it Easier to Book Rail Tickets

Qjump Limited, the rail retailing specialists from National Express Group, has re launched its website to make it easier for consumers to book rail tickets.

The look and feel of the site has been changed dramatically in order to enhance the online experience.

“We wanted to give our users more reasons to visit the site,” explained Teresa Merriman, Commercial Director, Qjump Limited.  “We conducted offline and online research to establish what customers wanted from our site.  This information was invaluable in targeting the site redesign to our customer needs,” added Teresa.

One of the key differences with the new site is that there are several special offers from our partners, which adds value to the Qjump experience.  Qjump partners with some of the biggest names on the Internet.  Leading names such as Barclaycard, Teletext Holidays and Multimap, which is one of the UK`s 10 most visited websites, have recognised the benefits that Qjump can bring to their customers.

“The success of Qjump has been built on its simplicity and speed.  These principles have been maintained whilst at the same time we have added a lot more content to encourage people to travel by train,” said Teresa.


Record numbers of tickets are currently being booked through the Qjump website
.  Sales for 2003 are up by over 400% compared to last year and these latest improvements are expected to further increase sales.

The site refresh is part of a long term strategy of ongoing improvements designed to increase customer migration and conversion.  Later this year the booking process is to be reworked to make it more efficient - meaning booking rail tickets online will be even quicker. 

“We are delighted with how the new site looks,” said Teresa.  “It will help us achieve our goal of becoming the rail retailer of choice for the business and consumer markets.”

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