Roadpost Launches Integrated Internet Service in North America

Roadpost Inc., a leader of
global voice and data communications solutions for the
business traveler, has announced the launch of an integrated WiFi, Ethernet and
Dial-Up Service. 
The new service is the first of its kind in
North America to combine all three Internet connection
options under one North America unlimited dial-up plan:
$19.95 per month for 150 hours.

Roadpost is responding to a demand from business travelers
for a variety of easy and convenient high-speed Internet
connections when travelling within North America and
internationally.  With the increased availability
of ‘hotspots’ offering public wireless connection and
Ethernet ports providing a wired high-speed Internet
connection at airports, hotels and other public locations,
Roadpost is giving its customers the best available access
allowing them to connect to the Internet, e-mail or corporate
network anytime and anywhere they are in the world. 

Roadpost offers a wireless Internet and corporate network
connection of up to 11 Megabits per second (Mbps), meaning
customers can download large files, synchronize e-mail and
surf the Internet up to 200 times faster than dial-up,
depending on the connection of the public access point to the
Internet.  Roadpost’s Ethernet service delivers a speed of up
to 10 Mbps, which is up to 175 times faster than dial-up,
also depending on the connection of the public access point
to the Internet.  Roadpost customers travelling within North
America also avoid roaming charges.

“Roadpost is committed to fulfilling the business traveler’s
communications needs,” said Morris Shawn, president and CEO
of Roadpost.  “Our objective is to manage and integrate data
connections so that our customers can avoid the frustration
of setting up their own services and roaming plans, and
dealing with numerous providers. We also offer attractive
cost options for the overseas traveller.”

Fast and easy to implement, the new service requires no
investment in equipment or maintenance.  As well, the billing
procedure is simplified under one single monthly bill. 


The new Roadpost Internet Access service delivers global high-
speed WiFi broadband, hotel Ethernet access in major hotel
chains and access to a worldwide dial-up ISP network. 
Roadpost manages and integrates the services of a worldwide
network of international wireless operators to offer its
customers an unparalleled range of global options, for
subscription or rental services. 

Roadpost also provides a special corporate program to
companies with flexible, customized packages that meet their
employees’ voice and data communications needs when
travelling abroad.