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Wificom to Manage European/Asian Virtual WISP Network

Trustive, the Amsterdam-based pan-European virtual WISP, announced the launch of its new premium high-speed wireless Internet service with about 1,000 hotspots based on the Wificom
SAB Serverå? platform.

As a virtual WISP with a continent-wide network, Trustive is Europe’s first WLAN marketing and sales organization. Trustive’s mission is to introduce, market and sell high-speed wireless Internet access in the European and Asian business-to-business markets. As a first step in this mission, Trustive has established partner programs on both continents through which WISPs can benefit from Trustive marketing activities and generated sales.

“Our post-paid subscription business model requires a backend system capable of managing numerous, complex roaming arrangements as well partnerships and billing,” said Gavin Dresselhuis, Managing Director of Trustive. “The advanced roaming engine and innovative pricing and billing functionalities were major factors in the selection of SAB Server? as our backend system. The SAB Server? enables us to control and manage all roaming transactions and related billing and revenue shares with our WISP partners. We can also create flexible pricing packages for our corporate subscribers and easily manage subscriber hierarchies.”

Wificom’s new SAB Server? 4 is a J2EE-based carrier-grade WLAN service management system integrating service creation, billing, rating, roaming, customer care, reporting, device independent content delivery and value-added, location-based services. Wificom will also deliver to Trustive smart client software, which enhances end-user experience with a searchable hotspot database, one-click login and logout, as well as real-time access to subscriber account information and usage statistics.

Mr Mikko Riepula, Managing Director of Wificom said, “We know that for a company like Trustive the right backend service management system is crucial. With SAB Server? taking care of all the back-office tasks automatically, Trustive can focus its efforts on building a subscriber base and offering a premium service to its customers. We are happy to contribute to Trustive’s rapid expansion in the European and Asian WLAN market.”