ABACUS Eases Online Bookings for Asiana Airlines

ABACUS International
, Asia Pacificå‘s leading Global Distribution Service (GDS) provider has signed an agreement with Korean carrier Asiana Airlines to provide it with an Internet-based travel booking and procurement system which allows a direct channel of product and service distribution to Asianaå‘s customers.

This partnership is expected to substantially advance Asiana Airlines` position in the electronic commerce arena. Asiana’s customers in the United States will be able to access their products and utilise the internet booking facility directly off the airlines’ website beginning third quarter of 2003. This service will be rolled out to customers in Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore and Australia soon after.

Under this partnership, ABACUS
will install, implement and maintain these websites. This solution is developed by ABACUS’ technology partner GetThere, a Sabre Holdings company.  GetThere is a proven solution utilized by over 800 companies worldwide, including leading airlines such as Cathay Pacific, United Airlines and British Airways.  The Internet booking system provided by ABACUS and GetThere supports all of Asiana Airlines’ requirements and in addition, provides options to integrate with Asiana’s frequent flyer system, enable bookings on other airlines, hotels and car rental companies.  Internet users and travellers can expect instant access to Asiana Airlines’ flight information, flight confirmations and secured credit card payments through this Internet booking system.

“ABACUS is engaged in providing distribution solutions to its participating carriers in all channels of distribution including B2B and B2C.  We see this opportunity to further strengthen our partnership with Asiana Airlines,” said Rogelio Sarreal,  ABACUS Vice-President of Associate Sales Division.

“Asiana Airlines recognizes the importance of the Global Site for its customers worldwide and has taken aggressive steps to build this global relationship,” said Arnold Choe, General Manager, Internet Marketing Team, Asiana Airlines. “Choosing ABACUS and its technology partnership Sabre (GetThere) for Asiana`s Global Site further demonstrates our commitment.”


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