Galileo International Launches First Wireless Travel E-Service For B2B, B2C Markets

Galileo Wireless(TM) Enables Rebooking Flights, Accesses Complete Itinerary,
  Provides Notification Of On-Time/Delayed/Cancelled Flights Via Multiple
                    Wireless Devices
Galileo International, Inc.
(NYSE: GLC), a global travel distribution services leader, today launched
Galileo Wireless(TM), the industry’s first-to-market suite of travel
management services for wireless devices.  Galileo Wireless gives mobile
professionals or ‘road warriors’ access to their full itineraries (including
air, car and hotel reservations), as well as the ability to change flight
reservations.  The service also notifies travelers of on-time flights, delays
and cancellations.  The service, available June 13, 2000, includes the
following features, many exclusive to Galileo:
My Trips     —View full itinerary of upcoming trips, including air,
              car and hotel reservations, with additional details and
              contact information - a unique and unparalleled feature.
              (All information provided through real-time access to
              the extensive content housed in Galileo’s Apollo(R)
My Flights
  Notification —View existing air reservations with additional details,
              and cancel and rebook flights for all fare classes - an
              innovation only from Galileo.  Also includes
              notification of on-time, delays and cancellations of
              flights reserved, starting four hours prior to
  Flight Info
  Notification —View flight information on any flight offered in the
              continental US, and tag the flight for notification of
              flight status or changes, without requiring a
              reservation on that flight - a distinctive solution
              for travelers.
My Cars
  & My Hotels   —View hotel and car reservation details and contact
flightTRACKER —View the real-time, in-flight status, including
              location, speed, altitude and equipment type, in text
              format based on FAA information.  The flight must be in
              the air to view the information.  (flightTRACKER
              represents one of the first technology synergies that
              both Galileo and its subsidiary are
    Schedules   —Look up schedules for flights between specific cities on
              specific dates.
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“Galileo Wireless is part of the company’s strategic focus on developing
e-services to allow access to our Apollo(R) and Galileo(R) computerized
reservation systems,” said James E. Lubinski, Galileo executive vice
president, Operations.  “By utilizing new technologies, such as wireless and
XML programming, we are opening new portals for travel agencies, corporations,
and end user customers to access our extensive travel data.  We believe that
Galileo Wireless is the most robust suite of travel tools available on
wireless devices today.”
“After achieving our aggressive development schedule, we have extensively
field tested the solution with end users and incorporated many of their
requests for added features in order to bring to market this robust wireless
solution,” said Galileo’s senior vice president, Global Vendor Marketing and
Corporate Sales, Michael Foliot.  “It also allowed us to be first to market
with numerous unique features that make the Galileo Wireless suite the most
complete and user-friendly wireless solution in the market.”
Galileo Wireless is being marketed through two separate channels - B2B and
B2C - and for a limited time is available at no charge.
B2B Services
  Corporate travelers can subscribe to the innovative Galileo Wireless
service through their corporate travel agency or travel manager in the US who
uses the Apollo CRS.  (The service will also be offered by airlines, car
rental companies and hotels, as well as by corporations and travel agents
outside the US.)  The corporation or travel manager is not limited to any
specific wireless service provider (carrier) or specific wireless devices, but
rather can choose its providers.  The service is accessible through industry-
standard, commercial off-the-shelf wireless personal devices, such as one-way
and two-way pagers, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) cell phones and
browser-based, Web-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs).  No wireless
carrier contracts are required, as long as the carrier allows bookmarking of
the unique URL that connects the traveler to Galileo’s wireless server.