NTL Business Launches Broadband Travel Network

NTL Business
(Travel Division) has announced the launch of The Broadband Travel Network, the most comprehensive range of broadband services in the UK travel industry.

The Broadband Travel Network offers the highest levels of guaranteed bandwidth available to the UK travel industry, and its launch is in direct response to the growing demand for advanced broadband services across the sector.

At its highest level, NTL Business (Travel Division)‘s Broadband Travel Network offers an unrivalled contention ratio to customers, limiting the number of users sharing the bandwidth to four, and providing data transfer up to five times faster than any other broadband service in the UK travel industry. NTL Business (Travel Division) can also provide a 1:1 contention ratio, limiting bandwidth to just one company, on request.


The Broadband Travel Network—including Broadband Professional, Broadband Private Network, Broadband Standard and Broadband Homeworker—collectively offers the most comprehensive range of always-on, reliable and high speed internet services developed specifically for the UK travel industry.



Broadband Professional has a contention ratio of 4:1, compared to the travel industry standard of 20:1, and provides an unrivalled managed service for tour operators, agents and other travel companies. The product is supported by end-to-end monitoring of the connection, allowing NTL Business (Travel Division) to offer 24/7 network management, traffic profiling and detailed reporting to companies on their connectivity requirements.

Broadband Private Network provides companies with a private broadband network to connect multiple sites with their head office and NTL’s network, based on the highest levels of guaranteed bandwidth available in the UK travel industry.

The Broadband Travel Network also incorporates NTL Business (Travel Division)‘s existing Broadband Standard service, which provides cost-effective managed broadband service for agents, operators and other travel industry companies.


Completing the range, Broadband Homeworker provides a competitive managed broadband services for remote workers and home workers across the travel industry.

John Morrish, NTL Business (Travel Division) Managing Director commented: “The UK travel industry needs The Broadband Travel Network to answer the connectivity requirements that are becoming essential to operate in today’s lightning fast,
always-on, data rich market.”

He added: “Companies are switching to broadband in large numbers but need the greatest levels of guaranteed bandwidth coupled with an end-to-end managed service to power their growth.




“The launch of these broadband services, tailored specifically for the UK travel industry, further enhances NTL Business (Travel Division)‘s position as the leading provider of integrated selling and communications solutions, and one of the travel industry’s foremost technology providers.”


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