KDS Unveil Corporate Travel Expense Management Solution


has added a new module to their flagship product, KDS
Corporate, integrating expense reporting to business travel management in a
single automated information system.

Caption: Yves Weisselberger

New KDS Corporate is a unique and complete solution that streamlines the
entire travel and expense process from travel authorizations to expense
reimbursement, from flight, train, car and hotel planning and booking to
comprehensive policy management and from expense control to cost analysis.

KDS Corporate naturally and seamlessly manages the complete workflow for all
internal and external processes related to business travel and expenses. It
also facilitates the interaction between all involved players: CFO, VP
purchasing, CIO, business travellers, HR management, GDSs, travel agents,


Using a single online application to book trips and fill expense report
optimises adoption rate, thus Return On Investment (ROI), and accelerates
cost reduction. Simultaneously, companies improve their employees`
satisfaction and efficiency with a multi-language environment, a unique user
interface and a solution that automates their recurrent clerical tasks.

“Corporations have been crying and kicking for a full “end-to-end” solution
for Travel and Expense Management to optimise and reduce travel
expenditures. Today, KDS launch a solution that simply answers their
expectations. New KDS Corporate removes the fence between online travel
purchasing and expense reporting and delivers unified management for a
consistent process. Thus, KDS now allow companies to reach their ultimate
goal: full knowledge and full control, real-time information and
instantaneous capability to react on the travel and expense budget,”
commented Yves Weisselberger

, CEO, KDS. “KDS open new doors and make possible
what has been on the wish list of CFOs for years; a comprehensive solution
heavily recommended by major industry analysts.”

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