Travelocity Lets You in on Local Secrets

According to Travelocity

`s latest independent consumer survey, many people are planning the customary summer vacation a little closer to home this year.
In response to this season`s trend, Travelocity is pointing them in the right direction by revealing a one-of-a-kind list of nearby hot spots, straight from the locals` mouths. Because only true locals know the hidden gems of their hometowns, Travelocity decided to query travelers from its 40-million member database to find out what`s hot in a given area.

From thousands of responses, the list has been culled down to what`s been named Travelocity`s “Local Secrets, Big Finds,” ranging from beautiful beaches and local festivals to favorite taverns and wacky wonders. From the spot with synchronized fireflies, to the “Punkin Chunkin” contest, to the combination drive-in movie theater and motel—they`re all included. Each winner was selected from more than 40,000 entries and voted as one of only 10 places in their state to be named a Local Secret, Big Find.

Each of the 510 Finds, including picks from every state and Washington D.C., is highlighted on Travelocity`s Web site.


“This summer there is no need to survey the same old, tired tourist traps, because we`ve cut right to the chase. Travelocity is providing 510 uniquely American finds to keep you entertained on your travels,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity`s editor-at-large. “For months, our members have been saying they plan on taking their summer vacations closer to home this year. We want to help make their trip as memorable as possible, whether they`re taking a day journey, visiting a neighboring state, or going across the country.”

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