David Campbell Appointed Head of London Tourist Board

The mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has appointed David Campbell as the head of the London Tourist Board.

The 43 year-old Campbell is the former boss of Ginger Media. He will receive a £250,000 salary coupled with an additional 20% bonus.

Asked about Mr Campbell`s salary, Mr Livingstone said: “It is fully justified by his responsibilities and record. London is a tourist, entertainment and cultural centre comparable in the world only to New York and I was determined to secure the best for it.”

Starting on 9 June, Campbell will take immediate command of Totally London, the £15bn campaign to kick-start the capital`s economy following a slump. He will also play a role in London`s campaign to secure the 2012 Olympics.

From 1981 to 1986 Campbell worked in America as Pepsi`s youngest ever marketing manager. He joined Virgin Group in 1986 and became chief executive of Virgin Radio in 1992. When the firm was sold in 1997, Virgin made £46m from an initial investment of £6m.


He became chief executive of Chris Evan`s Ginger Group at the end of 1997 which was sold in March 2000 for £225m, by which time the company`s value had grown by 105%.

The mayor hopes Mr Campbell`s knowledge of the US market will attract Americans.