Pierre Kleinhans, CEO of Leisureplanet, a leading Internet travel services provider, today offered t

“The merger of these two major US online travel services reinforces the fact that online travel is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic segments in e-commerce. It also validates our assumption that online travel will be dominated by two or three major players in each market. Leisureplanet remains as one of the proven providers of online travel services offering consumers maximum flexibility and freedom of choice.

“While this merger is important in the US, Leisureplanet continues to position itself as a leader in international online travel services and believes that its ‘first mover’ position in a number of major European markets, along with its strong US presence through its recent alliance with Infospace, makes us as a force to be reckoned with in this exciting industry.”

Mr. Kleinhans added that Leisureplanet anticipates the rollout of its multilingual sites in France, Germany and the UK within the next few weeks, which, combined with the company’s Lycos and Yahoo partnerships in Europe, gives it a strong competitive position.