Leisureplanet Executives Outline Strategy and Operational Plans at Raymond James Travel and Leisure

Clive Kabatznik and Pierre Kleinhans, Chairman and CEO, respectively, of Leisureplanet, an Internet travel services provider, presented the Company’s strategic vision and operational plans at the Raymond James Travel and Leisure Conference in Miami on November 12, 1999.

Mr. Kabatznik stated that with the recent changes in the online travel services industry, Leisureplanet management clearly sees an opportunity to build the company into one of the top three global online travel companies and the leading international player. This would be accomplished through a continued emphasis on global and regional distribution alliances, a strong consumer brand building campaign and the consolidation of Leisureplanet’s first-mover position in markets outside the United States.

Mr. Kleinhans detailed the operational steps being taken by Leisureplanet to meet its goals. According to Mr. Kleinhans, Leisureplanet will focus on the consumer by defining a broad view of the leisure travel process and then providing content and services to the travel consumer at all points in this process. The Company will look to extend its consumer reach and brand positioning through further global alliances, country-specific alliances with leading websites and a strong worldwide affiliate program. In order to strengthen its leading international position, Leisureplanet plans an additional rollout of sites bringing Leisureplanet into a total of 15 markets during the first quarter of 2000. This rollout will feature a totally redesigned website and a completely new booking engine, which is currently being developed for the Company. Leisureplanet’s strengths as a provider of value-added content to travel consumers will be reinforced by the translation of this content into 10 languages for this rollout. Mr. Kleinhans also stated that he and his management team are striving to create the most trusted online consumer travel brand in the world.

Separately, Leisureplanet announced the official launch of its services on InfoSpace.com and its affiliate network, as well as the launch of its on-line travel service on Nomade.fr, a major portal for the French-speaking Internet community. The Nomade.fr launch marks the implementation of an agreement between the two companies that calls for Leisureplanet’s travel services to be an integral feature of Nomade.fr, as well as a banner-based marketing campaign that will extensively promote the service throughout the portal.

Mr. Kleinhans said: “The integration of our services throughout the InfoSpace network and on the Nomade.fr portal reflects our commitment to reach a global Internet audience and to provide a comprehensive, expertly serviced and professionally supported buying experience to our customers.”


About Leisureplanet
Leisureplanet is a leading international leisure travel e-commerce company. Leisureplanet provides travel booking and customer services to on-line consumers through its own websites, partner sites and international media companies including Yahoo!, Lycos and InfoSpace. The service features the world’s largest image-rich hotel database; flight, car and hotel reservation facilities; package holidays and cruises; and comprehensive proprietary travel guides on more than 180 travel destinations. Leisureplanet is committed to achieving leadership in global travel e-commerce by offering tailored services in European and international markets. Operations include a multi-lingual call center and e-mail customer support facilities, two electronic publishing units, an information system and website development unit, a hotel recruitment center and an international travel agency partner network. Leisureplanet offers choice, competitive prices and customer service. The company has distributed services to international localized websites supported by local customer service agents throughout Europe and other international markets. Each local website provides a comprehensive selection of competitively priced travel products for local consumers, presented in local language.