Alamo Rent-A-Car & National Car Rental Upgrade to Galileo

Galileo International
announced today that Alamo Rent-A-Car
and National Car Rental
, both subsidiaries of ANC Rental Corporation, are upgrading both brands to Galileo`s CarMaster Inside Availability. 
More than 75 percent of all car rental bookings on the Galileo global distribution system are made through Inside Availability vendors.  Alamo implemented the program on April 15; National is expected to complete its upgrade in June 2003. 

With CarMaster Inside Availability, Alamo and National will now provide Galileo-connected travel agents with easy access to the same real-time rates and availability as is displayed in their own reservation systems, further improving the level of customer service.  CarMaster Inside Availability also eliminates the need for additional confirmation phone calls, thereby increasing agency efficiency.  Car rental companies receive the benefit of dynamically controlled inventory, providing more flexibility and control over pricing and availability.

“Inside Availability will provide Alamo and National with the strategic functionality to dynamically control where, when and to whom we make our products available as well as maximize our inventory and profitability,” said Travis Tanner, executive vice president ANC Rental Corporation.


“With a commitment to both service excellence and increased profitability, Alamo and National are taking advantage of this powerful tool to drive costs out and value in,” said Michael W. McCormick, senior vice president of Hospitality and Leisure Services, Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division.  “CarMaster Inside Availability streamlines the booking process for travel agents, ensures rate accuracy and availability and enables car rental companies to provide one-to-one marketing opportunities to maximize their revenues.  All of these factors translate to a noticeable improvement in service excellence, resulting in increased sales and profitability.”



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