US Military in Germany Book Flights Online

SatoTravel provides on-line flight bookings to
its customers using the bookingengine of Frankfurt-based technology supplier Ypsilon.Net.
The company has signed a contract with SatoTravel. SatoTravel handles the flights of the US
Military and government personnel worldwide. In Germany alone, the 30
SatoTravel agencies, located in the US military bases,
generated last year sales turnover exceeding 200 million.

According to Marion Braun, European Marketing Manager of SatoTravel, the
decision in favour of Ypsilon.Net AG was not only
influenced by the software`s user-friendliness, “but also the option that
the booking tool operates in more than 20 languages and
all currencies. Besides, we have strictest security regulations as the
travel of US military personnel is a very sensitive issue”.

The chairman of the board of Ypsilon.Net AG, Hans Joachim Klenz, is
confident that the company will soon also handle SatoTravel`s international business in addition to their German bookings. “Past
experience has shown that our customers continually extend the cooperation with us.”