Rosenbluth Celebrates 111 Years of Bringing People Together

In 1892, Marcus Rosenbluth, an immigrant from Hungary, founded a small steamship ticket agency with his sons in Philadelphia, PA. In the years that followed, other immigrants entrusted him with their savings until they had enough saved to purchase a ticket to bring a parent or spouse to America. 
111 years later, Rosenbluth International, a company founded on bringing people together, is one of the world`s leading travel management companies, dedicated to delivering simplicity to today`s ever-complicated travel industry - through innovation, vision and the highly-personalized service that has made Rosenbluth`s name synonymous with travel for over a century.

ACTE visitors are welcomed stop by Rosenbluth`s booth (#9) where they can page through Marcus Rosenbluth`s authentic log of steamship passengers from 1907 to 1910, and find out if one of their relatives immigrated to the United States care of the Rosenbluth family.

“My great-grandfather, Marcus, could have never imagined his small family business would be a global presence in 2003 with offices in 57 countries,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International. “While rooted in tradition, Rosenbluth is a highly-adaptive, forward-thinking, and technologically-driven organization. By anticipating marketplace demands and working closely with our clients, we continue to develop cost-savings products, allowing us to simplify travel management and better service our clients.”

Rosenbluth International will debut its latest technology at ACTE`s Global Conference and Exhibition, “100 Years of Flight, 15 Years of Vision,” at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, April 27 - 29, 2003.  Rosenbluth will provide a first-hand look at its new point-of-service technology, developed to empower Rosenbluth to reduce costs and revolutionize the corporate travel industry by eliminating GDS dependencies and encouraging reservations agents to become true travel consultants.  Rosenbluth will also launch mDiagnostics, a consultative approach to meetings management solutions that identifies and assesses client requirements and prescribes a best practice solution, supported by realizable return on investment. mDiagnostics will initially be rolled out to Rosenbluth`s existing client this month and Rosenbluth`s point-of-service technology will be available in late 2003.

Rosenbluth International`s booth will also feature the following products, which will be available for demonstration via an interactive showcase:


á    Global Security Suite: Innovative product suite that addresses safety and security issues surrounding travel.  Rosenbluth designed the suite to provide instant, pertinent travel information to travelers, travel managers and corporate security directors worldwide.

á    RosenbluthEverywhere Portal: Provides travelers and travel managers with quick, easy access to all travel tools, applications and services in one centralized location.  The portal, which is highly-customizable, can house any Rosenbluth products as well as e-booking, functional information, policy information and more