ABACUS Malaysia Launches Enhanced Website

ABACUS Malaysia has launched the enhanced version of their dedicated website,  www.abacus.com.my
.  The website boasts new features including a more user friendly menu, an online newsletter, a search engine, archived press releases dating back three months as well as information on Malaysia as a tourist destination and on ABACUS Partner Airlines.

“Information on new and improved products also can help travel agencies select tools that will enable them to be more productive and innovative. As the market leader in Malaysia as well as the Asia Pacific, it our responsibility to provide the latest information, news and knowledge to our subscribers and our partners via a concise and quality website, ” said Mr Ramlan Ismail, General Manager, ABACUS Malaysia.

“The latest product and environment information is key for making the right business decisions and the new ABACUS Malaysia website intends on fulfilling that purpose. Malaysia is one of our biggest markets in Asia and a resource such as our website is imperative to service our customers’ need for current industry specific information.” said Mr Don Birch, CEO & President of ABACUS International.

“We have just completed Phase I of the website upgrade to make this website a one stop centre for our customers and there are plans for further improvements in Phase II by adding more interactive elements for agents.” continued Mr Ramlan Ismail.

ABACUS Malaysia provides Travel Agent & Airline Partners in Malaysia with the capability to access the ABACUS Global Distribution System, training and support & technology counsel to all their customers in Malaysia.


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