Shenzhen Airlines Select ABACUS Airline Solutions

Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), the domestic carrier based in the Southern Chinese boom town of Shenzhen, is the 12th Chinese carrier to sign on for ABACUS
Airline Connectivity Solutions with the Direct Connect Availability (DCA) Service. Shenzhen Airlines’ participation with ABACUS is its first with a foreign Global Distribution Service (GDS) and the move is expected to allow the airline to attract a larger share of the domestic and international travel market. 

Shenzhen Airlines commenced operations in 1992 and became a member of the China Sky Aviation Enterprises Group of six regional airlines in 2001. The airline owns 18 aircraft, has 29 offices across China and operates more than 30 domestic flight routes.

Through the ABACUS Direct Connect Availability service, Shenzhen Airlines can receive real-time flight status and seat counts directly from their own reservations system thus giving them the power to exercise point-of-sale quota allocation and control their flight inventory.

“The DCA service is ABACUS’ most powerful flight inventory management solution developed specially to provide our subscribers with control of the supply and demand of seats, so they can better cater to their customers. ” said Mr. Li Dongqi, General Manager of ABACUS, China NMC.

“Joining ABACUS is the first step for Shenzhen Airlines to enter the international market. It is an important area of Shenzhen Airlines’ strategy to expand into the overseas market, especially Southeast Asia. Moreover, through ABACUS, more agents and passengers can enjoy our service,” said Zhao Hongliang, General Manager, Business Development, Shen Zhen Airlines.


“ABACUS understands that Shenzhen Airlines has ambitious plans to develop its business into the international market and we are confident that through ABACUS’ quality services and geographic coverage, we can help contribute to Shenzhen Airlines’ success.” continued Mr Li. 

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