Strategic Hotel Capital Endorses TravelCLICK Products

Richard W. Gray, chairman and co-CEO of
, today announced a new partnership through which Strategic Hotel
Capital has endorsed TravelCLICK`s electronic marketing products and
competitive benchmarking reports for all of its 23 owned hotel properties. 

Strategic Hotel Capital (SHC), a multi-billion dollar private hotel
investment company, has identified TravelCLICK`s tools as key resources for
supporting critical asset management responsibilities.

“Strategic Hotel Capital`s mission is to create value through
research-based, value-added, intensive asset management support,” said
Laurence Geller, chief executive officer of Strategic Hotel Capital. “Our
strong asset management team will work collaboratively with our operators in
using TravelCLICK`s tools to significantly increase the value of our hotel

“All of TravelCLICK`s market intelligence reports, including Hotelligence
and RateVIEW, can now be viewed online through TravelCLICK`s client
extranet: The Electronic Marketing Centre,” said Gray.  ” We expect that
this online access will facilitate communication and a common understanding
among SHC asset managers and local property management on how to improve
revenue from the rapidly growing electronic channels.”

“As electronic distribution of hotel rooms continues its impressive growth,
owners need to proactively monitor and assist properties in managing their
pricing, inventory, and shelf positioning in the electronic marketplace,”
said Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of TravelCLICK.  “We are delighted that
such a preeminent investment company as Strategic Hotel Capital has adopted
these tools to enhance the revenue and profit performance of all of their
hotel assets.”