Faster Fare Filing from Amadeus

has released new fare
loading technology which enables agents to create dynamically discounted
published fares via a graphical user interface (GUI). 
Tests have shown a 75
percent increase in productivity over fare loading via non-graphical,
cryptic tools commonly in use today.

Dynamic Discount Fares streamline the sales process by eliminating the need
for agents to manually calculate published fare discounts when pricing
applicable bookings. The Amadeus Dynamic Discount Fare GUI is the first
element of a new fully graphical solution - Amadeus FareXpert. With further
developments being rolled out over the coming months, FareXpert is an
internet-based product suite offering agents a user-friendly tool that will
ultimately improve fare loading across the entire range of discounted and
specially negotiated fares.

This faster, more efficient method of fare filing offers the following key

* Reduced fare filer training costs and improved productivity
for both filing and selling

* Automatic update if published fare fluctuates, saving time
and ensuring accuracy

* Full agency control through the secure, online fares
maintenance facility

Chris Airey, IT Manager at Key Travel, said “Amadeus FareXpert has
simplified the loading of dynamically discounted published fares by
providing a browser-based GUI that is easy to master and greatly enhances
the fare loading process from a user`s perspective.

“With this latest product development, Amadeus has demonstrated that it
leads the way in the design of next generation GDS fare loading tools and we
look forward to utilising FareXpert as it expands to encompass negotiated
fares in the future.”


Peter Cacioppo, Director of Sales at Amadeus UK added, “Amadeus aims to
provide agents with technology to make the difference. FareXpert achieves
this objective because it is an intuitive and user-friendly solution that
enables agents to file fares faster, which means fares can be loaded into
Amadeus and available for sale in the shortest possible timeframe. FareXpert
also helps reduce errors by cutting down on the manual intervention
traditionally associated with fare discounting. This provides further
benefits to the agency in terms of quality control, which is vital for
maintaining profitability and reducing costly ADMs.”

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