United Announces Interline Electronic Ticketing with Alaska Airlines

United Airlines
announced that it will launch interline electronic ticketing with
Alaska Airlines enabling both carriers to
accept electronically ticketed customers from each other. 
will provide a more seamless travel experience for customers by
allowing them to use a single electronic ticket when their itineraries
include travel on both airlines.

Larry De Shon, senior vice president - Airport Operations, said, “This
latest agreement with Alaska Airlines is another example of United`s
commitment to improving travel experiences for our customers by making
the check-in process easier and more convenient.  Moving forward, we
will continue to promote the benefits of electronic ticketing, in
connection with other technologies, such as EasyCheck-in and Curb
check-in. These self service check-in products are now available at 18
of our domestic airports.”

The interline agreement with Alaska Airlines will also benefit
customers who require re-booking between the carriers.  Previously,
customers ticketed electronically would be required to convert tickets
to paper before transferring between carriers, as neither airline had
access to the other`s computer systems.  Interline ticketing eliminates
this hassle by bridging the computer reservation systems of both
airlines and allowing mutual access to electronic ticket information.
Interline electronic tickets can be issued by United and Alaska
Airlines through their respective reservation centers and airports, as
well as through travel agents.  United also provides interline
electronic ticketing in any combination of travel on United, American,
Air Canada, Delta, Continental, Northwest and US Airways.

Since United first introduced electronic ticketing in November 1994,
customer usage of electronic ticketing has surged.  Today, over 90% of
United`s customers traveling domestically and 54% internationally
check-in with electronic tickets.  United implemented its first
interline product with Air Canada in June 1999.
United will continue efforts towards full electronic ticketing by the
end of next year and issue only electronic tickets for all eligible
domestic and international itineraries by 2004.

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