Galileo International Increases Airline Participation in China

Galileo International today announced that the number of mainland China airlines
it distributes has increased more than three-fold from 4 to 14.
The increase
results from the recent decision by Hainan Airlines to participate in Galileo
and from the People`s Republic of China (PRC) Government consolidation policy
that is placing six of China`s key regional airlines under the control of
three main carriers. Taken together, these two developments mean Galileo
agency subscribers have real-time access to better China content than ever
Hainan Airlines, China`s fourth largest carrier, and all mainland Chinese
carriers are participating at the highest level that directly impacts the sell
process - a level known as Interactive Sell and sometimes referred to as
Inside Link-Last Seat. The highest participation level allows agents to make
real-time bookings and offer instant confirmation to passengers, with the
airline giving its own reference number to agents to guarantee the booking.
Interactive Sell enhances yield management for airlines by giving them the
opportunity to sell every last seat on a flight. With its travel agency
subscriber network currently extending to 47,000 agency locations in 115
countries, Galileo will provide global distribution to Hainan Airlines.
The consolidation of the regional airlines under existing Galileo
participant airlines—Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern
Airlines (China`s three largest carriers)—means Galileo-connected agents
will also now be able to book flights operated by China`s key regional
carriers. Those key regional carriers comprise: China Southwest Airlines and
China National Aviation Corp (CNAC-Zhejiang Airlines); China Northwest
Airlines and Yunnan; and China Northern Airlines and Xinjiang Airlines.
“The welcome addition of Hainan Airlines, along with airlines it manages,
and the PRC`s consolidation policy has significantly enriched our content and
brings immediate benefits to our travel agency customers,” said Janie Kaung,
executive vice president and managing director of Galileo`s Asia Pacific
region. “Our subscribers can now serve customers flying to China with a much
broader range of options for extended itineraries between Chinese cities than
ever before. Galileo`s worldwide reach allows us to market key Chinese
airlines very effectively.”
Yang Jian Hong, general manager of sales & marketing, Hainan Airlines,
added: “We are seeking to sell our product as widely as possible, especially
as we are extending our operations into the international arena. We are
confident Galileo will bring us global exposure as our overseas network
Galileo started representing airlines on the mainland in 1996, when it
announced the highest level of connectivity with Air China and China Eastern
Airlines. More than 500 airlines already participate in Galileo`s systems.
Galileo also provides its agency customers with inventory and information on
more than 30 car rental suppliers, 51,000 hotel properties, 430 tour
operators, and all major cruise lines throughout the world.

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