Leisureplanet.com announces distribution strategy to deliver localised Leisure Travel

Leisureplanet.com, the online travel services company dedicated to delivering the ultimate leisure travel experience, today announced further successes in its strategy to distribute localised leisure travel to customers around the world.
Leisureplanet.com is building its global distribution strategy through the creation of alliances with leading international portals and Internet media companies. Among the companies that have signed agreements with Leisureplanet.com are: CNN, Yahoo!, Lycos Bertelsmann and InfoSpace.com.

Leisureplanet.com is localising its distribution program by working with websites in each local market. Through the alliances with GoToWorld, Sharelook and yoolia, Leisureplanet.com will be extending and localising its online leisure travel services to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Pierre Kleinhans, Chief Executive Officer of Leisureplanet.com, said: “We continue to build agreements with major global portals. The distribution of our services on national and regional portals and websites is the second aspect in our objective of delivering localised services in each of our target markets. The new alliances are part of this.”

Leisureplanet.com’s distribution strategy also includes the development of a network of e-marketing affiliates, to increase traffic and extend the company’s brand reach. Affiliate marketing specialists Be Free have been chosen to launch and manage Leisureplanet.com’s affiliate program in the United States. Be Free will provide affiliate recruitment and management as well as transaction tracking and reporting on commissions earned. During the initial two months of the program, Leisureplanet.com is offering competitive incentives for those who join as Founder Members, with bonuses more than double the rate planned for affiliates joining later.