Hong Kong Travel Agents Endorse ABACUS TravelSecure

Distribution Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd has to date implemented Abacus TravelSecure in 80 travel agency locations. Abacus TravelSecure, which allows ABACUS enabled travel agents to provide travel insurance to their clients in a convenient and speedy manner, has won over many fans in the industry.

Abacus TravelSecure is a fully integrated, host-based booking solution that provides travel agencies with a seamless workflow from front office booking, integration with the Passenger Name Record (PNR), policy printout, and back office interface. A user-friendly mask guides users through quick and simple steps to complete an insurance transaction. ABACUS is the first GDS in the Asia Pacific to offer subscribers a solution like this.

“ABACUS TravelSecure provides a very user-friendly way to facilitate the sale of travel insurance. The travel consultants at our counter can transact a travel insurance request in the blink of an eye. With this added service, there is no doubt about an increase in efficiency” said Mr Sedgewick Cheung, Director of Marketing, Travel Expert Ltd.

“The most distinctive feature of ABACUS TravelSecure is the integration of travel arrangements such as air, hotel, car and cruise in a single Passenger Name Record (PNR). It provides travel consultants a clear picture of what their clients have booked to serve them better” said by Mr Larry Liu, Senior Manager of Business Travel Division, P & O.

Currently, ABACUS travel insurance partner AIU (American International Underwriters, Ltd.) / AIG (American International Group) provides a wide range of travel insurance products in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand through ABACUS.


“Travel insurance nowadays has become a necessity for travellers, while providing sales profitability for travel agencies, and Abacus TravelSecure is definitely a strong tool for both travel agents and ourselves in the sale of travel insurance” said Agnes Cheung, Assistant Vice President, American International Underwriters, Ltd (AIU).

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