Leisure Pass Group Announces Website Enhancements

Creators of The London Pass, The Leisure Pass Group, has announced the development of a travel professional area on their website londonpass.com
.  The introduction of the trade professional and organisers area within The London Pass site is to be fully operational in April 2003. 
Travel Professionals will be given access to a restricted area on the site and then given a commission on trade rated sales.

Professional visitors to The London Pass website, will be met with a click-through option on The London Pass landing page, which will transfer them to the trade professional area.  Applicants will be required to apply for a password and provide details about their company to gain access to the area.  A reply email will then be sent containing their password for access to this restricted area of the site.  Upon returning to the site and entering their password, agents and professionals using the trade professional area to purchase London Passes for their clients, will automatically receive their sales commission (excluding travel).  Two email confirmations will then be sent to the purchaser, one for their client showing full price and one for the agent showing their trade rate and commission.

Over the past year, The Leisure Pass Group has continued to report record sales, particularly for The London Pass.  The company’s sales increased by 135% in 2002, and look set to beat targets once again in 2003.  One of the main reasons for its success is its interactive website, which enables users to not only purchase their tickets, but also to plan their trip to London.

The company is also in talks with several cities around the world regarding the transfer of The Leisure Pass Group’s technology, together with its unique branding potential, to enable the same service standards to be used in various markets across the world.

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