Rosenbluth Reports High Demand for Global Security Product

The war in Iraq has raised the need for increased vigilance and heightened security, especially for business travelers. In December 2002, Rosenbluth International
announced that it would be providing its groundbreaking TrackPoint security product globally, free of charge. Since then over 300 companies worldwide have implemented TrackPoint. Usage of the product has grown rapidly since the war began, and companies have increased their focus on the whereabouts and safety of their travelers.  Since the beginning of hostilities, usage has soared to 25-35% of all clients using the product daily. Pre-war daily usage averaged 10-15% for all implemented clients.

Caption: Hal F. Rosenbluth
, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International

Corporate travel/procurement managers and security officers can quickly locate where each of their company`s travelers are booked specifically at any given time using TrackPoint.  It is an intuitive, Web-based system that features an interactive map which enables users to drill down by region, country, city and within each particular city. TrackPoint also includes each traveler`s detailed individual itinerary information within a few mouse clicks. Through TrackPoint, Rosenbluth presently tracks 33,154 travelers per day representing 11,109 city pairs around the globe.

“Now more than ever, companies need to know quickly where their travelers are and how to contact them,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth
, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International. “Our clients have told us, time and again, that it is important that they have, at the touch of a button, the information on their employees` itineraries and whereabouts. Travel managers can rest easy knowing that their travelers are only a few mouse clicks away through TrackPoint.”

“The ability to immediately access a screen that encapsulates all of our travelers and their itineraries at the push of a button, takes away one of my biggest worries as a travel manager,” said Margy Skinner, Manager of National Travel Services, Kaiser Permanente. “We continue to hope that no crisis situation arises in which we`d need to use TrackPoint, but knowing that I have this product and all of its capabilities gives me peace of mind.” 

Since TrackPoint`s initial release in 2002, a number of system enhancements have been implemented, and a variety of new features are planned.  Frequency of data delivery, access to raw data and new business logic will create additional value for the user community; particularly in enhancing the experience across multiple time zones for multi-national corporate users.  The value of these enhancements will be derived in a number of areas, benefiting from Rosenbluth`s commitment to global operations and its robust global data warehousing capabilities.


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