Autodesk Deploys KDS Corporate

has announced that Autodesk, Inc. will deploy
KDS Corporate, the business travel management solution powered by KDS.

Autodesk will utilize KDS Corporate to reduce transaction and administrative
costs, boost employee productivity, maximize supplier relationships, and
deliver 24/7 services to its business travelers.

“We are convinced that KDS will help us better control and manage our
corporate travel processes,” said Joan Rizzi, Autodesk`s Worldwide Travel
Manager. “Our decision to change to KDS was based on their ability to
provide a wider set of functionalities than other online booking systems.
Our adoption rate is over 60% in the US, and with KDS`s help we will
increase the number of online transactions booked here and abroad.”

In order to increase control and visibility over the travel procurement
process, Autodesk will deploy KDS`s pre-trip authorization workflow solution
provided with KDS Corporate. “Not only will the pre-trip solution simplify
the travel planning and approval process, it will route itineraries based on
our organization`s business rules, producing time and cost savings,”
explained Rizzi.

Autodesk will first implement KDS Solutions in the United States, Canada &
Switzerland during the 2nd quarter, 2003. The second phase of deployment
will concern the other European countries.


“KDS worked closely with Autodesk to ensure our solutions meet their
objectives of reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies,” said
Michael Steiner, Senior Vice President, KDS US.  “Autodesk`s selection of
KDS further demonstrates KDS`s ability to meet the demands of experienced
global organizations.”
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