The Lonely Planet Guide Says Britain is Beautiful

A resounding vote of confidence in Britain as “quite simply the most beautiful island on earth” has been delivered by the Lonely Planet Guide.
The Lonely Planet
Guide`s latest edition declares: “Britain is just getting better and better. The food is getting tastier, the cities more attractive and the rich cultural heritage more accessible.”
A team of six inspectors - two British, two Australian, two Irish - found the UK full of “newly rejuvenated cities, beautiful countryside and magnificent coastlines.”
Britain as a whole gets a rave notice: “In the space of a few hours you can immerse yourself in history at ancient castles or stone circles, marvel at majestic cathedrals, eat in world-class restaurants or friendly local cafes, down a pint in a traditional pub, stroll through `chocolate box` villages, hike over wild moors, or dance all night in an ultra-trendy club.”

á London remains expensive but is the “city the world revolves around - exhilarating, irrepressible, intimidating, brimming with spectacle and possibilities.”

á Manchester has reinvented itself as one of the most exciting cities with top-class museums and nightlife.

á Glasgow has soul “with a vivid blend of friendliness and warmth, urban chaos, black humour and energy.”

á Bristol “in size and vivacity is unmatched in south-western England, an artistic incubator.” Like Bath, it has haughty grandeur.

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