Telegraph Signs Extended Contract with OTC

Online Travel Corporation

(OTC) has announced a one-year extension of its contract to supply travel content to


The agreement, marks the latest in a recent series of high-profile media sector announcements by the OTC, and highlights the company`s position as the travel industry`s most dominant supplier in the sector.

Through the agreement, OTC will continue to supply with its online package holidays, flights, hotels and pioneering dynamic packaging technology - the self-packaging solution first created by OTC, which allows users to create holidays by combining flights and hotels.


In addition, the Telegraph is to feature monthly exclusive reader promotions both in the Telegraph newspaper and on


OTC currently licences its technology to over 60 leading media companies, ISPs and portals including The Telegraph, and Freeserve, providing travel content tailored to fit the design and branding of each site, with partners able to harness OTC`s comprehensive travel content in its entirety, or to select products to fit audiences.

Vic Darvey, sales director at OTC commented: “`s decision to extend its relationship with us reflects the quality of the travel content, technology and service OTC offers. We`ve also further improved our position as the travel industry`s leading supplier to the UK`s leading media groups, confirming our position at the head of the e-travel supply market.”

Paul Hagan, Travel Channel Manager of said: “OTC have proved themselves to be a reliable and innovative online travel provider that is responsive to our promotional needs. We are pleased to extend a successful relationship that we have developed over two years and look forward to sharing in their growth in 2003.”

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