Qantas Selects Pegasus Solutions for Hotel Commisions

Pegasus Solutions has added Qantas to its customer roster after signing a two-year agreement with the country`s biggest domestic and international carrier. 
Under the agreement, Pegasus
will process and track hotel commission payments due to the airline.  Pegasus Commission Processing, one of the hotel industry`s leading travel agent commission processing services, was created in 1992 by Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions, a leading provider of hotel reservations-related services and technology.

The addition of Qantas
solidifies Pegasus` standing as the foremost provider of automated commission processing services in Australia and in the entire Asia Pacific region.  More than 2,000 Australian travel agency locations, representing nearly 50 percent of the continent`s travel agency community, are members of Pegasus Commission Processing (formerly HCC).  Approximately 50 percent of travel agencies in the Asia Pacific territory are members of the Pegasus service.  More than 3,000 hotels in the Asia Pacific region participate, reducing back-office administrative tasks while enhancing relationships with agencies through expedient commission payment.

On behalf of Qantas` multiple travel agency locations and booking outlets, Pegasus collects and consolidates hotel booking data and commissions each month from more than 35,000 properties around the world.  After consolidating this information, Pegasus sends a single commission payment along with detailed reconciliation information by hotel brand.

Pegasus` Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service, which Qantas is utilizing as part of this agreement, provides the airline with automated management of all of its hotel commissions, not just those from hotels that participate in Pegasus Commission Processing.  The service enhances standard commission processing activities by reconciling and tracking hotel booking and guest stays from all of the properties the agency booked in a given time frame.  The service employs unique automated searches to match bookings and payments, generating inquiries when necessary and confirming payments.

By participating in Pegasus Commission Processing, most member travel agencies realize a significant growth in commission revenue, as well as cost savings due to a sizable reduction in expenses associated with non-automated methods for managing hotel commissions.  Pegasus also maintains highly responsive customer service support for travel agencies, with more than 70 percent of commission queries being serviced and satisfactorily answered during one phone call with Pegasus. 


With the majority of travel agencies worldwide as members, including the 10 largest travel agencies in the U.S., Pegasus processes an average of $41 million in travel agent commissions per month on behalf of more than 100 hotel companies in 159 countries.

“The addition of the Qantas Group to Pegasus Commission Processing enhances the value of our services to the hospitality industry in Australia, New Zealand and the entire Asia-Pacific region,” said John F. Davis III
, chairman, CEO and president of Pegasus Solutions.  “In particular, the 35,000-plus hotels around the world who participate in Pegasus Commission Processing are likely to be pleased that they can now pay Qantas commissions without cutting separate checks.”

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