AH&LA Establishes Safety Section on Website in Response to War

With the national terrorism threat level at å“code orange-high riskå” and the entire nation under a heightened alert status, AH&LA, American Hotel & Lodging Association, have established a å“National Homeland Securityå” section on its Web site, www.ahla.com
, to offer the most current travel safety and industry resource information

Eager to support U.S. officials’ recommendation to Americans of “continuing to travel” the AH&LA have recognised that unexpected situations may occur and have made information readily available online to help prepare for any crisis.

Material available on the site includes the lodging industry’s official response, tips from a lodging security expert, general guidelines for crisis communications, and much more. Security training videos from their own Educational Institute are also available at special prices.


For the latest information click here: www.ahla