Montrose Travel Delivers New Travel Management System

Montrose Travel
, one of the largest travel management companies headquartered in California is offering yet another way to help their corporate accounts control, contain and manage their business travel expenses. Montrose Travel is now able to track, identify and notify their clients of unused e-tickets that can be used as credits towards future flights.

Caption: Joe McClure,
President - Montrose Travel

With the introduction of TicketTracker, a module tied to Montrose`s extensive iBank Travel Management Reporting System, corporate travel managers now have an electronic means for tracking and identifying unused portions of a traveler`s ticket for credit towards future flights. 

Montrose estimates that it is typical for a company to allow upwards of 11% of all unused e-tickets to spoil rather than reusing them.  By electronically monitoring the reservation system for unused e-tickets, TicketTracker will save corporate travel managers and traveler`s valuable time and a significant amount of money.

“At the requests of our corporate accounts, it was important we invest in this cutting-edge technology.  Our efforts continue to merge high-tech with high-touch and this is but one example of the benefits of working with a world-class travel management company such as Montrose Travel,” said Joe McClure, company President.

In addition to potentially savings thousands upon thousands of dollars in unused tickets, TicketTracker also provides the following benefits:


- Reports on status of unused coupons, and enters this information into the traveler`s profile

- Saves money by automatically tracking, and reporting on total unused tickets so that they may be reused and not wasted

- Allows instant access to consolidated reports on unused coupon credits

- Automatically tracks and notifies traveler and/or travel manager of unused coupon availability via email

- Automatically tracks and notifies traveler of non-refundable tickets up to the day of travel for rebooking if their travel plans have changed.

According to Business Travel News` April 15th, 2002 issue, “TravelAge West`s Best Rescue/Recovery Effort recognizes (travel) agencies that have successfully turned around potentially disastrous situations.”  Montrose Travel, the only applicant who received a perfect score from the magazine`s editorial staff, ``turned itself around from the potential, post-September 11th record losses to record profits.`` Montrose Travel, a family owned travel agency, has grown from 14 employees in 1990 to more than 100 currently—an indication of the broad scope of services.

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