Wayport Partnership with Concourse Communications

and Concourse
Communications today announced they have entered into an agreement to provide a
combined private and public Wi-Fi Internet solution at New York`s LaGuardia
Airport, which serves more than 22 million passengers a year and is operated
by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
Concourse Communications Group, through its subsidiary New York Telecom
Partners (NYTP), will deploy the Wi-Fi neutral host network in stages
throughout the airport and manage private-side applications for airport
authorities, airlines and concessionaires.  Wayport will utilize the same
network infrastructure to manage its own neutral host public Wi-Fi access
solution, offering daily, membership, and roaming access throughout the
Central Terminal Building.  Service will expand to include the US Airways
Terminal later this year.
“Wayport is a leader in Wi-Fi access, and Concourse has extensive
expertise in both the public and private-side applications,” said Jim
Eisenstein, CEO for Concourse.  “Our two companies` complementary capabilities
make us an excellent match to provide LaGuardia airport tenants and its
passengers a complete Wi-Fi neutral host solution.”
Richard DiGeronimo, president of NYTP, adds, “LGA is the first of the Port
Authority`s three airports that will be Wi-Fi enabled by year end.  This will
provide the patrons, visitors, and tenants a fully ubiquitous WLAN experience
as they travel through the New York/New Jersey PA airport hubs.”
As a result of this agreement, the nearly 2 million customers who have
used Wayport`s service to date will now be able to gain access at LaGuardia.
In turn, Wayport`s roaming partners, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T
Wireless, iPass, GRIC and Boingo, will have the opportunity to provide their
customers yet another critical location to gain Wi-Fi access through Wayport`s
neutral host Wi-Fi solution.
“The Concourse and Wayport partnership is a great Wi-Fi neutral host
solution for LaGuardia, maximizing the number of users and roaming partners
onto the network,” said Dave Vucina, CEO for Wayport.  “With our Laptop Lane
airport business center already in place at LaGuardia, the addition of the Wi-
Fi neutral host network will ensure that business travelers stay productive at
the airport.”
Wayport`s Wi-Fi service was implemented & deployed by NYTP to go live on
March 12, which corresponded with the launch of Intel`s Centrino(TM) mobile
technology featuring built-in Wi-Fi capability to be implemented in major PC
manufacturers` notebook computers.  Intel will continue to highlight LaGuardia
and Wayport`s services in its launch campaign designed to drive widespread
awareness and adoption of Wi-Fi wireless through a mobile technology
demonstration area, a well-directed advertising campaign and free trial use of
the service until April 12, 2003.
“Intel Centrino mobile technology enables business users and consumers
greater freedom to connect in new places and in new ways,” said Ann Lewnes,
Intel vice president, Sales and Marketing Group, and director of Intel Inside
Program and Co-Marketing.  “People can experience the new capabilities of
Intel Centrino mobile technology-based notebook computers with Wayport`s
wireless (802.11b) high-speed Internet access at LaGuardia airport.”

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