Travelocity Launches Travel Information Center

Travelocity has launched the siteå‘s new Travel Information Center, which provides the latest information on all travel company policies affecting consumers in light of geopolitical uncertainties.  The new feature adds to Travelocityå‘s already strong set of tools to help customers in good times and bad. 

From information on consumer guidelines to tips on how to travel smart in the current environment, Travelocity has created tools to help travelers stay informed.  In addition to industry-leading customer service, Travelocity offers information on air traffic delays, the latest industry changes, airline security guidelines, flight status, travel trends in an uncertain environment, and even general customer advice.
“The average traveler has a lot to remember with the recent changes in security guidelines, baggage restrictions, weight limitations and changing food services. Travelers now need to track the latest changes and/or guidelines affecting them with regard to elevated security levels,” says Amy Ziff, editor-at-large for Travelocity. “Now it’s more important than ever to have an insider from the travel industry to provide consumers with the latest information on what’s going on in travel and how this affects them.”

Travelocity is arming travelers with timely information and up-to-date tips and guidelines, and it is helping make the booking and travel process as smooth as possible.
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