Rubbermaid Selects Procurepoint to Drive Savings

ProcurePoint Travel
has announced that Newell Rubbermaid has chosen ProcurePoint to help drive savings in Rubbermaidå‘s $45 million annual travel spend. The over $7 billion consumer products company expects ProcurePoint tools will help trim lodging costs for transient travel and offsite meetings.

Caption: Joseph Galli, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer - Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid
is already integrating ProcurePoint solutions as key components of its travel management initiatives, which are geared towards reducing rates paid, limiting liabilities and exposures from inconsistent application of preferred contract terms, as well as directing its spend to preferred travel-related service providers. 
Newell Rubbermaid is also deploying ProcurePoint Enterprise Meetings? to employees throughout the organization, providing them with an efficient and cost-effective way to identify, negotiate, and contract with hotels to achieve the best value for their individual offsite meeting needs.  With this structured solution, Newell Rubbermaid can ensure that all contracts include only pre-approved terms and conditions, thereby reducing the risk and potential liability that can arise when inexperienced planners negotiate with hotels without a full appreciation of the importance of specific clauses such as attrition and cancellation.
“Together, ProcurePoint Enterprise Transient and ProcurePoint Enterprise Meetings allow us to consolidate and leverage our purchasing power with hoteliers to turn a decent corporate travel program into a world-class program,” said Paul Box, Group Vice President of Procurement, Newell Rubbermaid, Inc. “More importantly, we are providing every employee, who needs to negotiate with hotels, with self-service tools that reduce time-to-contract and drive lower costs. Whether employees are responsible for company-wide corporate contract negotiations or individual meeting needs, ProcurePoint solutions help make each of them a sourcing and procurement expert.”

“Newell Rubbermaid understands that by providing its employees with better ways to negotiate and conclude hotel agreements for transient travel and offsite meetings, it empowers everyone in the organization with the ability to better manage the overall corporate travel spend,” said Ed Sarraille, ProcurePoint Travel Solutions president and CEO. “In an organization as big and complex as Newell Rubbermaid, the challenge is to ensure that everyone charged with negotiating with hotels has the tools and the knowledge to get the right rates and amenities in the right places at the right time, and in compliance with overall company travel policies. It’s all about saving time and money across the organization and instituting processes that make that doable.”

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