Wyndham Selects Interactive Sites Sales System

Wyndham International
has selected
Interactive Sites`
ShareIt Onlinetm product for chain-wide group sales lead
referrals. Interactive Sites will develop the lead referral system as a
private-label capability for Wyndham, as it has for other hotel companies.

“The ShareIt Online product, like PlanIt Onlinetm, an interactive meeting
planner RFP capability, is a reflection of Interactive Sites` understanding
of how the hospitality industry works,” said Michael L. Waltman, President &
CEO of Interactive Sites.  “Based on our long experience with hotels, we
understand that hotel e-commerce is about more than websites. It is also
about using online resources to make other operations and processes more
dynamic. In particular, the Internet has expanded the horizons of the hotel
sales office by enabling 24/7 interactive tools to help meet the business
objectives of building revenues and client loyalty.  ShareIt Online will
help Wyndham remain in the forefront of group and meeting e-commerce,
satisfying both the internal sales team and the meetings client thanks to
ShareIt Online design, functionality, and return on investment.”

“In our search for a company to provide a private-label sales referral
system, Interactive Sites` ShareIt Online was clearly the right choice for
us as they have a firm understanding in the intricacies of hospitality
e-commerce, and ShareIt Online can be customized for our internal needs
without having to custom-design a sales lead referral tool,” stated Rodd
Herron, vice president of sales development for Wyndham International.

The Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI
) awarded
Interactive Sites its “2002 Golden Clicks Best of Show,” the hotel
industry`s premium interactive marketing award, and the company has won 26
HSMAI awards for website creation since 1999.  Interactive Sites also
created PlanIt Online T the most widely used private-labeled groups &
meetings online-RFP that captures qualified meeting and planner information.