nPorta`s Network of Travel Websites and Corporations Expands

, a leading provider of online
technology solutions for travel agencies, partners and suppliers
(, today announced the launch of several TravelASP Booking
Engine applications and websites. Six different agencies, powering a total
of 10 different websites are utilizing a customized version of the booking
engine for their leisure and corporate travel businesses.

nPorta is releasing four different Private Label websites for Sharp Travel,
a New York-based consolidator. The sites will be hosted at separate web
addresses, dedicated to their individual market niches. Other clients who
have joined the TravelASP Network are Hans World Travel, CITS Travel and
Williamsburg Travel as well as, Vanguard Travel and Papa`s
Travel Store. All are launching Private Label sites or applications, focused
on their individual business and technology strategies.

“Our rapid growth shows the demand for affordable, extendable booking
products and the absence of competing solutions. We`ve focused heavily on
providing affordable tools for travel agencies that meet both their needs
and their budgets, and the response we are receiving proves that a large
market exists for the niche filled by our booking products” explains Mark
Connell, nPorta`s President and Chief Technology Officer.

“nPorta is the only booking engine provider to offer corporate, leisure, and
light versions using a single software engine.  Other companies will sell
you three different engines, featuring separate sales, implementation, and
support teams. nPorta built one very flexible, intelligent engine that
supports many different implementations allowing us to integrate, configure
and support it with one team.  Having one very flexible product allows us to
deliver our engine cheaper and more effectively than our competitors” adds
Mr. Connell.

nPorta recently announced the release of its newest product, TravelASP Lite.
With eight additional site launches scheduled the first half of this month,
nPorta provides self-booking and travel website applications to over 45
corporations and 35 retail and wholesale travel agencies in 20 states.