Hyatt Hotels Select TravelCLICK`s RateVIEW

Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of
, announced today that Hyatt Hotels Corporation is extending
TravelCLICK`s RateVIEW Internet rate intelligence tool to all 123 of its
North American properties.

TravelCLICK`s RateVIEW provides Hyatt hotels
with the most advanced
technology for accessing competitive Internet and GDS rate information, in
real time. RateVIEW enables hotels to generate rate comparison reports on
their competitive set in a wide range of channels, based on user-defined
criteria. RateVIEW is the only report that allows hotels to separately
identify retail from merchant (wholesale) rates on various travel Web sites.

“Given the intensely competitive nature of the marketplace today, and the
increasing importance of having real-time information with which to make
dynamic pricing decisions, RateVIEW allows hotels to identify opportunities
and changes in rates with information that is just minutes old,” said Cohen.
“TravelCLICK`s RateVIEW provides each individual Hyatt hotel with
`on-demand` competitive rate monitoring capability for both the GDS and
Internet electronic distribution channels.”

“Hyatt Hotels intends to use the RateVIEW report to significantly enhance
the targeted, electronic marketing efforts of our individual properties,”
said Joan Lowell, vice president of electronic distribution for Hyatt
Hotels. “One of the most compelling features of RateVIEW is a detail page
that explains each of the products being priced, including the type of room,
restrictions, and rate qualifications. Using this tool, our properties can
make better tactical decisions, by understanding exactly what the
competitive offer is and how they choose to address that opportunity.”

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