Leisureplanet.com provides leisure travel services to Millioneyes.com’s partner companies and organi

leisureplanet.com, a leading international leisure travel e-commerce company, today strengthened its presence in the U.S. market through the alliance with MillionEyes.com, an Internet marketing and advertising company. leisureplanet.com will provide its leisure travel services on all MillionEyes.com’s current and future partner companies and organisations. MillionEyes.com develops marketing partnerships with companies and organisations by offering a private-label, turnkey Internet Service Provider (ISP) solution through which partners can offer free, superior Internet service and e-mail to their own customers and members.

leisureplanet.com is building its global distribution strategy through the creation of alliances with leading ISP’s, international portals and Internet media companies, and is localising its distribution program by working with Web sites and portals focussed on each of its target markets. The alliance with MillionEyes.com is another milestone in leisureplanet.com’s distribution strategy in the US, providing leisureplanet.com’s leisure travel products and services on all MillionEyes.com’s client’s “Blink” bar.

“MillionEyes.com can now offer leisureplanet.com’s services to all its clients and their users. As the online travel services provider to MillionEyes.com, leisureplanet.com increases its exposure in the US online leisure travel market every time MillionEyes.com launches a new service for one of its partner companies or organisations. Our local distribution strategy is based on building partnerships such as this with leading Web sites in each of our target markets.” said Pierre Kleinhans, Chief Executive Officer of Leisureplanet.com.

“Today’s agreement with leisureplanet.com gives MillionEyes.com another quality, value-added service to provide to our partner companies and organisations,” said MillionEyes.com Chairman and CEO Donnie Gross. “Our partners can now offer their end users a one-click step to the ultimate online travel experience.”