4Oceans and CCRA Sign Reservations Deal

4oceans has signed an agreement to store CCRA (Computerised Corporate Rate
Association) negotiated rates on its web-based reservations platform.

Under the terms of the deal, 4oceans will process bookings for nearly 15,000
Hotels from the 30,000 travel agents who currently participate in the CCRA

CCRA`s programme currently generates over 27 million room-nights annually,
representing in excess of $2.56n of revenue. CCRA users will gain access to
current hotel rates, availability and confirmation online through the “Plug
and Play” multilingual booking channel, in addition to free marketing

The partnership will benefit smaller and independent agents, as it will give
them access to CCRA`s consortia of preferred rates on a single platform
without the need to spend money on new hardware or telecommunication links.

The original CCRA rates were previously only available on the GDS, and
agents had to search for negotiated rates separately and compare prices and
conditions manually to find the best deal for their client.  This new
platform will not only provide preferred rates, but also other discounted
rates and offers from CCRA hotels around the world; many not even available
in the GDS.


CCRA is a preferred rate hotel programme, offering a selection of discounted
hotel rates worldwide, all guaranteed with last room availability.

This deal is a big coup for 4oceans and demonstrates that we can provide a
consortia with sophisticated inventory management tools alongside a
web-booking facility,” said David Yates, Managing Director of 4oceans.

“It`s important that agents and hoteliers not only receive the best possible
financial deal from their distribution system but get the best possible
technology as well,” added Peter Thornton, Business Development Manger of

Commenting on the newly signed agreement, Frances Kiradjian, CCRA Executive
Vice President, added: “We are delighted to secure this partnership with
4oceans, which will be a valuable long term venture to drive business to
both parties.  Giving our agencies around the world access to our negotiated
rates as well as several other discounted rate categories via the internet
is in line with our vision to keep travel agencies strong and even stronger
in 2003 and beyond!”