Virtually Cayman is by any standard a tastefully designed and beautifully constructed web site, providing its users with a unique on-line experience. It is instantly obvious that much care and investment has been made here.
It is the colour that first grabs your attention. The several shades of cool blue certainly have quite a profound impact, giving the web site a sophisticated and chic feel.
There is a certain elegance to its busy and yet minimalist lay out. Although the site offers quite an extensive range of choices, the design is neat, logical and definitely user-friendly.
The actual information that is provided is concise, clear and to the point - no words are wasted here.
On the right hand side of the spread is a ‘useful link’ box. The links really are fantastically useful. These alone could make for an excellent site, providing a traveller with all the information he/she should need to plan a trip - a traveller’s dream!
Click on ‘Local Weather’ to be taken to the Weather Channel. The ‘Tourist Board’ option links to the official web site for Cayman Island Tourism. The ‘Virtual Travel Directory’ link is an excellent information source. There is also a ‘flight’ link, so you can check out any availabilities. My personal favourite has got to be the ‘city maps’ link. Here you can access maps for specific destinations/ areas so now you never need worry about getting lost abroad. You can also access villa rental information, travellers tips and much more. Oh, the joy of modern technology.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Virtually Cayman offers you the opportunity to visit and experience some of the stunning locations that The Cayman Islands have to offer without having to leave the comfort of your own home.
With an extensive collection of tropical hot spots, the user simply needs to type their desired destination into the search engine. Next click on the enlarged image and sit back while Virtually Cayman guides you through the turquoise lagoons and white beaches of the one of the worlds most exotic Islands. With such advanced technology that the product is delivered on to your screen instantaneously.
The dynamic imaging from iPIX gives travellers a 360 degree panoramic view of each image, providing a richer online experience. Each shot manages to capture the moment to the extent that the images are quite atmospheric. Visit the famous Green Sea turtle farm, explore some of the glorious nature preserves, see the raw volcanic Rock Coast, and have a peak in caves once laden with pirate treasure. Immerse yourself in this island that is remarkably close to paradise.
This site provides a unique Internet service. Although probably designed for travellers, Virtually-Cayman is an excellent and exciting resource for any individuals interested in seeing and feeling the chilled, easygoing rhythms of the Cayman Islands.