Leisureplanet.com launches adventure travel with Away.com

leisureplanet.com, a leading international leisure travel e-commerce company which is majority owned by Leisureplanet Holdings (Nasdaq:LPHL), and Away.com, the leading adventure travel services provider on the Web, today announced an alliance for the development of leisureplanet.com’s “vertical” adventure travel service. Away.com’s adventure travel content and advice will be available on all of leisureplanet.com’s English language sites in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, the United Kingdom and USA.

“Our partnership with experts in the travel industry enables us to personalise our travel services. In alliance with Away.com, we will provide our customers with expert advice on the ultimate experience in adventure and Eco-friendly travel, ranging from walking, bicycling or diving, to climbing in Alaska or birdwatching in Trinidad,” said Pierre Kleinhans, leisureplanet.com’s Chief Executive Officer.

The relationship with Away.com for adventure travel content becomes a perfect fit into leisureplanet.com’s strategy to deliver holidays tailored to the demands of individual travellers. leisureplanet.com’s travel services are divided into two groups: horizontal services such as flight and hotel reservations, which form part of every journey; and vertical packages, which deliver vacations with a specific focus. Vertical services are used by those who take holidays organised around interests or activities they are passionate about, and by others who wish to take a holiday based on a special theme. The “vertical” adventure travel service follows the recent agreement with GolfServ Online Inc for the provision of golf content to leisureplanet.com’s travellers.

“This is a critical cornerstone of our growing international strategy and partnership base. Our strategic alliance with leisureplanet.com will enable us to reach out to a truly global consumer base who will now be able to select from a wide range of our adventure travel products. Our rich, original adventure travel content will help leisureplanet.com members choose vacations they have always aspired to, in any corner of the world,” commented Sean Greene, CEO, Away.com.

Through the strategic alliance with Away.com, leisureplanet.com customers will be able to plan adventure itineraries and receive expert travel advice and assistance in the creation of customised adventure-oriented tours.