Offers New Service has delivered a service to help hotel and resort
owners increase reservations and revenue.
is providing a “talk-live-now” button, for
vacationers who are hesitant to commit to an on-line reservation due to
questions, difficult to find information, security concerns or because they
need a little personal attention. 

A web browser clicks on the “talk-live-now” button on the properties web
site, enters their phone number and submits a call request.  Telephone
switching equipment calls the hotel or reservations call center, secures a
representative on the line, “whispers” that they are receiving an on-line
call request and simultaneously connects to the web browser.  Similarly,
the same switching equipment secures the web browser on the line and, upon a
successful connection, immediately connects the two parties. The process is
complete in less than 5 seconds. helps hotels increase occupancy rates, with unique and
new Internet technology solutions. is currently viewed
in 25 countries worldwide.