Amadeus Increases E-Ticketing Carriers in the UK

has further extended its electronic-ticketing
(e-ticketing) capabilities by enabling Amadeus agents to provide e-tickets
on bmi

Ursula Binnion, e-ticket manager for bmi, stated, “Both the agents we work
with and our passengers have expressed a preference towards e-ticketing.  In
addition to meeting demand for this preference, e-ticketing also helps us
reduce our internal distribution costs making e-ticketing a win-win solution
all around.  We are very pleased to be able to offer the e-ticket facility
to our agents through Amadeus and we sincerely believe it will be a

Key benefits of electronic tickets include:

* Lower costs for travel agents

* Electronic ticketing is the cheapest and easiest way to issue
tickets saving travel agents both time and money

* Quicker check-in time for passengers

* Later in 2003, bmi passengers will be able to check in more quickly
via electronic check-in machines at selected airports

* The elimination of problems arising from lost, stolen or damaged

Additionally, having further expanded their ticketing capabilities Amadeus
agents will now also be able to interline e-tickets for flights on:

* Continental Airlines (CO) with Aloha Airlines (AQ) and US Airways
(US); and

* United Airlines (UA) and Delta Airlines (DL)

Peter Cacioppo, Director of Sales for Amadeus UK added, “More and more
carriers are moving towards using e-ticketing and signing interlining
agreements as the demand for these services increases.  In the last several
months we have more than doubled the number of e-ticketing carriers in our
system and it looks like this trend is set to continue.” 


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