Orbitz Introduces Unique Travel Watch Feature

Travelers with questions about airport security, boarding procedures, baggage rules, government advisories and air travel forecasts can find up-to-date answers on those topics and more by visiting Orbitz.com`s unique Travel Watch section.

“In today`s fast-changing environment, timely and reliable information is an essential ingredient for a successful trip,” said Orbitz Travel Watch Editor Mary-Jo Lipman. “Updated daily, Travel Watch is the place to go for late-breaking travel news - an information hub designed to help travelers prepare for unexpected hassles and make smart decisions about how, when and where to travel.”

Key travel tips from the Travel Watch team include:

Before traveling, familiarize yourself with security procedures at airports you are traveling through and to.

Pack smart—Avoid checking bags if possible; observe carry-on limits of two bags; check the Transportation Security Administration`s list of banned items.

Travel with a cell phone in the U.S. or a satellite phone internationally so you can stay in contact with family, friends and colleagues.

When traveling overseas, read consular information advisories that pertain to your destination country before departing. Travelers should register with the U.S. embassy in that country.

Review refund and cancellation policies before booking; consider purchasing refundable airfare tickets and hotel room reservations.

Orbitz ` Travel Watch is the first real newsroom within a travel Web site, staffed by seasoned journalists, providing a free service that other sites charge for. Offering consumers real-time information in an interesting and easy-to-use format—from flight status updates to the scoop on the latest security changes—Travel Watch is the place to go for comprehensive travel updates.


Orbitz customers automatically receive Care Alerts, a free messaging service that provides electronic updates on flight status, airport delays and other events potentially impacting their trips. Travelers can choose to receive alerts via mobile phone, pager, PDA, or e-mail.
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