Priceline Survey Reveals Popular Destinations

In a recent analysis of the
destinations most heavily booked through `s hotel
service for the month of March, the survey found that home-soil destinations had
almost completely eclipsed vacation spots outside the U.S.

“The March Spring Break season is usually a popular time for people to get away
from Winter for awhile and unwind,” said Chris Soder, President of Priceline
Hotel Services. “That hasn`t changed this year. But with geopolitical
uncertainties, more vacationers are opting to stick closer to home in 2003.”

Among its finding,`s March hotel booking survey reported:

—Orlando`s Disney World area is the #1 most-booked destination for March.

—47 of the top 50 destinations for March travel were within U.S. borders. Of the
top 100 destinations, 92 were in the U.S.

—Non-U.S. destinations in the top
100 included London`s Soho, Kensington and Bloomsburg districts, Vancouver,
Cancun, Toronto, Amsterdam and Montreal.

—California was the most-booked state
in the Union for March, holding down 11 of the top 50 spots. Southern
California, with its beaches and amusement park attractions, was most popular,
with San Francisco`s Bay Area close behind.

—Florida was the 2nd most-booked
state, with 10 of the top 50 spots. No surprises here - lots of bookings for
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Keys, Tampa and Orlando.

—Despite the cold, big
cities are popular. New York captured 3 of the top 50 spots, while other cities
in the top group included Chicago, Washington, DC, Seattle and Philadelphia.

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