4oceans Signs Agreement with Pegasus Solutions


has signed an exclusive agreement with
hotel technology specialist, Pegasus Solutions

to combine hotel booking
inventories and create a next generation travel technology platform.

The deal sees agents connected to the 4oceans system gain access to an
additional 47,000 properties worldwide, complementing its existing portfolio
of Chinese hotels.

Hotel groups will benefit through this new connectivity due to potential new
business from thousands of Chinese booking agents and 17 million outbound
travellers per year.


4oceans chose Pegasus ahead of the four GDSs because of the company`s
commitment to exclusively servicing hotels as Managing Director, David Yates

He said: “The experience, reliability, and flexibility of Pegasus connection
services dovetailed with the years of investment we have put into developing
easy to use, high performance, web-based hotel booking technology.

“The move to redefine this distribution process comes in response to
feedback from agents in China, who also wanted connectivity to an existing
selection of worldwide hotels. 

“Similarly, major hotel groups wanted an option to accept bookings from
4oceans` agents directly into their Property Systems.  By joining forces
with Pegasus, we have killed these two birds with one stone.”

Aside from obvious opportunity from the Chinese Market, where 4oceans has
captured a significant market share over the last five years,
Pegasus-connected hotels and groups will gain access to other non-GDS agents
through the new 4oceans distribution channel for the first time.

New business will emerge from over 4,000 CCRA agents, who have recently
signed up to the 4oceans platform and currently have no formal distribution
channel access to the programme`s hotels.

CCRA`s current volume on the GDSs is 27 million room nights translating to
nearly $3billion in annual turnover. The goal of the partnership is to
increase this volume by 10 per cent and an additional one million bookings a

The software also allows call centre bookings, which are currently handled
manually, to be redirected through an electronic channel, resulting in even
further savings in distribution costs.

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