Korean Airlines Adds ABACUS to Enhance Booking Reliability

Korean Airlines, has added an ABACUS solution to enhance booking reliability with travel agents. The airline has upgraded its booking reliability with the help of ABACUS after implementing AnswerBack earlier this month. With AnswerBack, ABACUS-powered travel agents can now confirm their customerså’ bookings on Korean Airlines faster than ever.

AnswerBack allows airlines to directly acknowledge receipt of all ABACUS subscribers` bookings by returning a record locator in the Passenger Name Record (PNR). It even sends an automatic reminder to the airline system if they fail to respond within 22 hours. AnswerBack guarantees travel agents that their bookings have been received by the airlines and expedites sales transactions. Airlines enjoy increased sales as agents have more confidence that the flights will not be overbooked.

“Korean Airlines’ adoption of AnswerBack will greatly enhance the confidence of ABACUS subscribers in booking Korean Airlines’ segments. We are confident that this solution will help both the agent and airline in both productivity and increased sales, ” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal, Vice-President and Head of Associate Sales.

“An established airline such as Korean Airlines which flies to 81 cities and has a fleet of 119 aircraft can benefit greatly from tools such as AnswerBack. Any disturbance to bookings may cause considerable loss to revenue and merely confirming booking receipts can ease some of that loss. We are confident that AnswerBack can solve problems like under or over-booked flights and will prove to be a very useful resource for all parties involved.”

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