Travel Industry Embraces Broadband

This week, the Office of National Statistics` (ONS) released a report, which showed absolute growth in permanent or broadband connections from 2.99% of the total market in December 2001 to 10.11% in 2002. 

As the ONS report states, substantial growth in broadband across the general marketplace is largely to do with price, but features (high-speed, always-on connectivity), and increased availability in the UK are also key drivers.

Keith Webber, Head Sales & Marketing, Telewest Travel said: “The travel industry in particular has embraced broadband with even greater vigour than the market in general, and Telewest Travel’s broadband Endeavour service recorded spectacular growth in the year.  At the end of 2001 Endeavour broadband connections correlated closely to the 2.99% national figure, but in 2002 we saw a substantial surge in the travel market resulting in 16% of all Endeavour customers demanding broadband, a significant improvement on the 10.11% national DSL figure.  We’re finding that the appetite for broadband in the travel market is still on the increase, with our new customers keen to reap the benefits broadband can afford their businesses.

“We anticipate that the travel market uptake of broadband will continue to rise over the next 12-18 months, as more services over broadband become available.  I very much view broadband as the enabler for greater things to come - after all, it’s not just about the broadband connection, it’s what you do with it that counts.”