Dallas-based Pegasus Launches PegasusCentral

The property management system, called PegasusCentral, manages all of a hotel`s reservations, room charges, financial reporting and management tasks through the Internet. Traditionally, property management systems rely on a server at the hotel itself, making it more difficult for owners of multiple properties to get timely information.

The PegasusCentral system is expected to fill the missing link of the supply chain for the hospitality technology company. The company provides reservation and room sales services and travel agent commission processing.


already handles about 70% of electronic room bookings by connecting hotels to the global distribution systems used by travel agents and online travel agencies. Its central reservations system handles between 40% and 45% of electronic reservations.
Hotel operators can access real-time information about each property`s business levels, which has become increasingly important as they try to keep a tighter rein on how much product is released to Internet-based discounters.



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