iJET Launches Travel Risk Management Service

iJET today announced the availability of its
Worldcueå® EXPAT service for employees on long-term assignments outside their
home country.

iJET`s Worldcue EXPAT service is designed especially for expatriates,
allowing both the employee and employer to receive updates about changing
conditions in order to avoid and respond to possible security threats and
disruptions to the assignment. 

The Worldcue EXPAT package includes:
- Access to a personalized Web site with continuously updated information
and security assessments for the assigned country and region

- Distribution of “Push” alerts and advisories which proactively warn the
expatriate of increased threats or advisories related to the assignment

- Easy maintenance of an employee profile and contact information


- Access to an extensive library of advice and company-specific information

- Optional global travel, medical and security assistance can be added to
the service

iJET provides real-time travel alerts and continuously updated country and
city information in 10 categories including safety & security, health,
transportation, cultural awareness, legal concerns and local laws for over
180 countries and 268 cities.

“We designed Worldcue EXPAT to meet the unique needs of corporate
expatriates.  This proactive risk management approach warns expatriates of
changing conditions, such as civil unrest, transit strikes, severe weather
or terrorist activity, enabling them to avoid issues before they become
problems”, says Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET Travel Intelligence.

Prudential Relocation, a leading provider of global mobility services, will
offer the new Worldcue EXPAT service as part of every international
relocation package. “Local safety and security is a constant concern for
employees relocating internationally,” advises John O`Connell, vice
president, Prudential Relocation. “The service offered by iJET helps provide
peace of mind to these employees and their families.”

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