Northwest Introduces Interline E-Ticketing With Alaska Airlines

Northwest Airlines
have announced that it has launched å“interlineå” electronic ticketing capabilities with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, enabling Northwest customers to use a single e-ticket for travel involving both Northwest and two of its largest alliance partners.

The announcement follows Northwest’s aggressive interline e-ticket expansion with other key airlines. Currently, travelers can use a single electronic ticket when flying on any of the nation’s five largest airlines, as Northwest offers interline e-ticketing with American, United, Delta and Continental Airlines.

“Northwest’s interline e-ticketing agreement with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air allows an even greater degree of seamless travel for customers who fly with our alliance,” said Al Lenza, vice president of distribution and e-commerce. “E-tickets have made it possible for Northwest to offer an array of technology-based customer services including Internet and kiosk self-service check-in, and now those services can be added to the many conveniences that our alliance with Alaska and Horizon already offers.”

Interline e-ticket technology allows customers to use a single e-ticket issued by Northwest for an itinerary that also includes travel on Alaska Airlines
or Horizon Air. Previously, customers were required to obtain a separate e-ticket for each carrier or obtain a paper ticket.

Interline e-tickets for itineraries that include travel on both Northwest and Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air can be issued immediately at Northwest’s Web site at, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air’s Web site at, by reservations representatives of Northwest, Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, or at any of the three carriers’ airport or city ticket offices.


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